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Project Management Book on Inspire

Posted by vipin on June 26, 2008

swfobject.registerObject(“Widget”, “9.0.28”, “”);


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Moving on to…

Posted by vipin on April 25, 2008

Moving on to my new site

New posts in new site…

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Ubuntu – Hardy Heron is out yesterday

Posted by vipin on April 25, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 is finally out. Its ready for download @ ubuntu page

There is nothing much for the Flash/Flex developers as the AIR runtime is still not come for Ubuntu Hardy or even Gutsy. AIR now only supports Ubuntu 6. Hope adobe is coming out with a beta for Hardy.

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Documentary on Google

Posted by vipin on April 19, 2008

Interesting story about Google,  meet Google engineers, and Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist of Google who is also known as the Father of internet. The documentary speaks about the possible threats if a company like Google becomes a monopoly in the world of information.

Thanks Deepak for pointing to this video, its really interesting.

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RegExr: Online Regular Expression Testing tool for Actionscript 3 Developers

Posted by vipin on April 19, 2008

Grant Skinner has released an online tool called RegExr aimed to help ActionScript developers edit and test Regular Expressions in ActionScript 3.0.

Learn Regular Expressions in ActionScript 3.0 and Flex

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Redistribution of AIR runtime and SHU

Posted by vipin on April 16, 2008

As everyone knows AIR runtime is an installer directly downloadable from Adobe website. What happens if you need to have an application built in AIR, and you need to distribute in a CD, and you dont want to ask your customer to go to and download the runtime before running your app. How is it if we can distribute the AIR installer along with your app installer? Very much possible, only thing you need to get a case by case runtime distribution agreement from Adobe. Mike Chamber‘s has an article in his blog about it. It will be much helpful.

Also, the concept of SHU player made me think, how we can distribute AIR runtime, and finally they have an update to their application yesterday, and they have a legal notice on their site. For distributing a SHU application, which is standalone (AIR get packaged into an EXE), we need to get a permission from Adobe, as it is again redistribution of AIR runtime.

Why all this problems? Why can’t Adobe go with a Packaging application from which we can make a standalone application? A runtime and applications on top of it is fine, but why can’t we have this model also? Why should I ask my customers to install my application at all? Why can’t the application be run from a CD or DVD? (mdm Zinc is there, but it is still buggy and problematic)


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RIA War – AIR, Flex, Silverlight, Prism, and Curl. The weakness and Strengths

Posted by vipin on April 16, 2008

The RIA war is ON. These are the main player now in the field of RIA and RIA on Desktops:

I have just read an article on emerging tech blog of Generally the article points to the weakness and strengths of each of the programs, although, maybe you will not agree with some of the used terms or sentences.

Read the article here.

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Flex Tutorials and Blogs list

Posted by vipin on April 15, 2008

Flex and AIR is amazing.. The amount of help and tutorials on the web also is numerous.. Here are is my list of tutorials and showcases. If there are any surprise misses, please add 🙂

The list will be huge. I will add to it when get some time. Whoever read this, please add if the list seems to be small.

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Communicating between Flash CS3 and Flex 3 applications

Posted by vipin on April 15, 2008

We had a strange situation at work of loading a Flash CS3 application inside Flex 3 application. As everything is AS3, I thought everything will work smoothly. But at the time of integration we have to finally understand the fact that the Flash CS 3 application cannot be loaded into Flex application, and it is giving an error which says ‘Cannot change the name property’ or something like that.

We tried various things and finally after few hours of Google’ing it was obviuos that a Local Connection will only do something. We made one more Flash CS3 app which will load the Flash CS3 and Flex 3 application into it and using Local Connection, both the application will communicate. At the same time we found an amazing library by Grant Skinner, which is called SWFBridge, which can be used to have different swf applications talk to each other (as3-as3, as3-as2, flex-flash etc). Here is the link to the source of the library, and it is free to use if you are not modifying the source. You just need to declare the instance of the class as instance property and say connect(). The communication works without any issue, and make sure you call the close() method when the communication is no more required, or else if the application is not properly shut down, it may cause issue.

I dont know this is the best method for fixing our issue, but it was a good workaround at the last moment, and thought I will share with others who have the same issue.

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Launch external applications from AIR?

Posted by vipin on April 7, 2008

As everyone knows this is a major drawback of AIR right now (I don’t know how many will agree to this statement), and I am not sure Adobe has plans to get it done. This itself makes most developers not to go with AIR. Another problem with AIR is that it is a client runtime, and the destination machine has to install it separately. If you need to deliver your applications in a CD/DVD as a projector, AIR is not the best solutions. For that there is MDM Zinc.

Interestingly, people started to think about this drawback in AIR and started delivering some interesting applications. SHU is one of them, which packages the AIR runtime in an executable along with your application file. This gives you a great relief as you will be able to deliver applications on a CD/DVD and we dont need the AIR runtime installed on the client machine.

There is one interesting post in Mike Chamber’s tech blog about his proof of concept on how to launch native applications from AIR. He has written a CommandProxy and this Command Proxy will launch the AIR applications, and the AIR application in turn use the Command Proxy to execute OS specific functions, like launching of external files, launching of native applications, etc.

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