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Cochin to Bangalore — via Munnar

Posted by vipin on May 19, 2007

Cochin to Bangalore, VIA Munnar – – Growing IT City to Grown up IT city, VIA nature : How is it? he he

I happened to drive to Cochin in my car due to unavailability of tickets (Reason). The drive was fun 600 KMs. The up journey took 14 hrs and we didn’t have a camera to copy the beauty of Udumalpet, Marayur, and Munnar. We didn’t expect that the nature will be this beautiful and that we will have to face wild elephants on the way. We reached Munnar at 6.30 pm, but it was already dark. So, the return journey was planned, so managed to arrange a decent camera, 3.2 MP Canon Powershot… We started at 5.30 am from cochin and reached Munnar around 10 am. The road was bad as it is normally in Kerala these days. So time to show you the beauty of Munnar:









You would love to ride like this…





Some serious shopping…



Pit stop…This is somewhere in marayur -Chinaar wildelife sanctury. We saw only deers this time..

This one is from Udumalpett. This village is full of wind farms… wherever you see.. its all wind farms



4 Responses to “Cochin to Bangalore — via Munnar”

  1. Kollallo ..Keep writing .. Why don’t you change the default theme of wordpress..

  2. dani said

    Udumalpet – Is not Village its “Town”

  3. Mahesh said

    alignment issues , font issues and there are content issues also, please rectify and report back

  4. Rakesh said

    nice photoes….good camera…can’t believe it is a 3.2MP camera.

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