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Redistribution of AIR runtime and SHU

Posted by vipin on April 16, 2008

As everyone knows AIR runtime is an installer directly downloadable from Adobe website. What happens if you need to have an application built in AIR, and you need to distribute in a CD, and you dont want to ask your customer to go to and download the runtime before running your app. How is it if we can distribute the AIR installer along with your app installer? Very much possible, only thing you need to get a case by case runtime distribution agreement from Adobe. Mike Chamber‘s has an article in his blog about it. It will be much helpful.

Also, the concept of SHU player made me think, how we can distribute AIR runtime, and finally they have an update to their application yesterday, and they have a legal notice on their site. For distributing a SHU application, which is standalone (AIR get packaged into an EXE), we need to get a permission from Adobe, as it is again redistribution of AIR runtime.

Why all this problems? Why can’t Adobe go with a Packaging application from which we can make a standalone application? A runtime and applications on top of it is fine, but why can’t we have this model also? Why should I ask my customers to install my application at all? Why can’t the application be run from a CD or DVD? (mdm Zinc is there, but it is still buggy and problematic)



One Response to “Redistribution of AIR runtime and SHU”

  1. Peter said

    Requiring a runtime installation is an outdated model. Why doesn’t Adobe want to provide a stand-alone solution? That is what most people want, is it not? Java, at least, lets you install your own VM and point to it, so you don’t have to require the client to install one.

    You also don’t have to worry about versions. Will every AIR runtime be completely backward compatible? If a new version breaks an app, you have to fix the app. If each app could have their own runtime, problems caused by changes in new version of the runtime would be mitigated.

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