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Adobe MAX In India?

Posted by vipin on March 27, 2008

Happy to hear some noise from Vivek and Peter. I am new to the community and new to publishing my views to the world. I have seen Abdul’s view also on why Adobe is not looking for India.

@Abdul – If India is a country where most % of Flash users go with Pirated software than original ones, Adobe should try to overcome it right? They can do this by making some noice in the market, inspiring people. I don’t even know why atleast Adobe India is not doing that. I am not talking about the product launch meets they have, where most of the people sleeeep. Events like MAX where you can interact with greats of the platform will inspire the developers out here. I have been to the MAX bangalore when Macromedia was behind the platform, and it has changed me and my friends a lot.

As Peter says, Microsoft is all around in India.  So, it will be easy for Microsoft to push things like Silverlight (nothing bad in  it). Also most of the people use pirated software from Microsoft, and Microsoft has come down to the root level and almost getting it cleaned. They are conducting police raids and fines, penalties…

Adobe can clean this by better inspiring people, because they have the right rich platform – If piracy is the problem.

I am seeing an international event in India – RIA Architect Summit, where Evangelists like Ben Forta and James Ward are coming down. There are others, but I am not familiar with the names. But as you know this is a platform to know more people and build relattions, and ofcourse build your knowledge. I am not sure whether I missed any events which happened in India.

Now you have the statistics by Vivek, ground realities by Peter, view points from Abdul, Adobe has to decide. If they come, Good. If they don’t come, life of RIA/RDA developers will go on as it is…

I think the total number of Flash/Flex/AIR developers in India will be more than the total population of Contries Adobe is touring now (MAX, AIR). If you have market where you have less money coming in (which is growing also) and another one where you are enough sales happening – Where you will invest? Where you will go?


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Its Summit and Seminar time from Adobe

Posted by vipin on March 15, 2008

Adobe RIA Architect Seminar 2008 – April 3rd, Thursday @ The Chancery Pavillion – Bangalore

A seminar for the RIA architect and decision makers. Well known Adobe platform evangelists like Ben Forta and James Ward are coming down to bangalore. The event is free, but seats are limited. So, please hurry to book your place here, if you are Flex/Flash architect, or a technical lead.

AS3 Ground Up tour – by Collin Moock

The date is confirmed as 29th of April, 2008. Please visit the home page for more details and registration. Again its a free event, but need to register.

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Flash and Web Events ‘ 2008

Posted by vipin on February 16, 2008

There are 2 major flash events coming up in 2008 for flash and web developers.

Adobe AS3 Tour –

Its a training program on Action Script 3.0 by Collin Moock, an event organized by Adobe. Bangalore is the only city in India, where they will be hosting the event. The dates are not declared yet, but think it should be March. Please watch out the ‘Events’ section for the updates…

Singularity –

Singularity is the first largest online web conference in the world organized by Aral Balkan, an active flash community member for last 10 years. Aral founded OSFLASH.

Singularity is three days of talks over multiple tracks.

In 2008, Singularity will define Web ‘08.

Singularity is in the early stages of planning and is scheduled for October 24-26th, 2008.

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