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Redistribution of AIR runtime and SHU

Posted by vipin on April 16, 2008

As everyone knows AIR runtime is an installer directly downloadable from Adobe website. What happens if you need to have an application built in AIR, and you need to distribute in a CD, and you dont want to ask your customer to go to and download the runtime before running your app. How is it if we can distribute the AIR installer along with your app installer? Very much possible, only thing you need to get a case by case runtime distribution agreement from Adobe. Mike Chamber‘s has an article in his blog about it. It will be much helpful.

Also, the concept of SHU player made me think, how we can distribute AIR runtime, and finally they have an update to their application yesterday, and they have a legal notice on their site. For distributing a SHU application, which is standalone (AIR get packaged into an EXE), we need to get a permission from Adobe, as it is again redistribution of AIR runtime.

Why all this problems? Why can’t Adobe go with a Packaging application from which we can make a standalone application? A runtime and applications on top of it is fine, but why can’t we have this model also? Why should I ask my customers to install my application at all? Why can’t the application be run from a CD or DVD? (mdm Zinc is there, but it is still buggy and problematic)



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RIA War – AIR, Flex, Silverlight, Prism, and Curl. The weakness and Strengths

Posted by vipin on April 16, 2008

The RIA war is ON. These are the main player now in the field of RIA and RIA on Desktops:

I have just read an article on emerging tech blog of Generally the article points to the weakness and strengths of each of the programs, although, maybe you will not agree with some of the used terms or sentences.

Read the article here.

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Shu – alternative to mdm Zinc?

Posted by vipin on April 7, 2008

Check out shu .

Its a projector creator for Adobe Flash/Flex like MDM Zinc. Shu uses Adobe AIR runtime. It actually packages the AIR runtime along with the application files. Its definitely an alternative to Zinc, untill Adobe comes up with same kind of solution, where you don’t have any dependability to distribute your application. AIR application now needs the AIR runtime to be installed in user’s machine.

I was a fan of mdm Zinc, when I moved from Director. The kind of flexibility and commands provided by Zinc was amazing when you compare with Director. I was happy when I heard about Zinc 3.0 and the new technologies going in there. Zinc 3.0 is good, but MDM disappoints me by not having a solid product out to the market. Its still buggy and so unstable that we cannot use it in our project deliveries.

Shu says its solid (as MDM) but it should be true as the underlying engine is AIR. I am going to give a try to it, and probably I can write my experience.

But, Adobe should come up with something like this…

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Adobe MAX In India?

Posted by vipin on March 27, 2008

Happy to hear some noise from Vivek and Peter. I am new to the community and new to publishing my views to the world. I have seen Abdul’s view also on why Adobe is not looking for India.

@Abdul – If India is a country where most % of Flash users go with Pirated software than original ones, Adobe should try to overcome it right? They can do this by making some noice in the market, inspiring people. I don’t even know why atleast Adobe India is not doing that. I am not talking about the product launch meets they have, where most of the people sleeeep. Events like MAX where you can interact with greats of the platform will inspire the developers out here. I have been to the MAX bangalore when Macromedia was behind the platform, and it has changed me and my friends a lot.

As Peter says, Microsoft is all around in India.  So, it will be easy for Microsoft to push things like Silverlight (nothing bad in  it). Also most of the people use pirated software from Microsoft, and Microsoft has come down to the root level and almost getting it cleaned. They are conducting police raids and fines, penalties…

Adobe can clean this by better inspiring people, because they have the right rich platform – If piracy is the problem.

I am seeing an international event in India – RIA Architect Summit, where Evangelists like Ben Forta and James Ward are coming down. There are others, but I am not familiar with the names. But as you know this is a platform to know more people and build relattions, and ofcourse build your knowledge. I am not sure whether I missed any events which happened in India.

Now you have the statistics by Vivek, ground realities by Peter, view points from Abdul, Adobe has to decide. If they come, Good. If they don’t come, life of RIA/RDA developers will go on as it is…

I think the total number of Flash/Flex/AIR developers in India will be more than the total population of Contries Adobe is touring now (MAX, AIR). If you have market where you have less money coming in (which is growing also) and another one where you are enough sales happening – Where you will invest? Where you will go?

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