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Automated testing support for your Flex Applications

Posted by vipin on April 7, 2008

Flex now allows you to have automated testing using testing tools. I have seen few examples from Borland and IBM.

Borland released SilkTest 2008 which can perform functional testing for Flex apps and SilkPerformer 2008 which can do load testing with AMF.

One more news is that Adobe is working with smaller testing tool builders like PushToTest as well to add Flex testing to their tools.

Their offering looks good since it’s free to certain amount of testing threads when you get the supported version. And reasonably priced for larger scale testing needs. Plus it is open source as well if you want to compile on your own.

Compare this to very expensive tools that Borland and other big players provide.

I think something like free and opensource PushToTest would be a pretty good match for the free and opensource Flex SDK.


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