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Launch external applications from AIR?

Posted by vipin on April 7, 2008

As everyone knows this is a major drawback of AIR right now (I don’t know how many will agree to this statement), and I am not sure Adobe has plans to get it done. This itself makes most developers not to go with AIR. Another problem with AIR is that it is a client runtime, and the destination machine has to install it separately. If you need to deliver your applications in a CD/DVD as a projector, AIR is not the best solutions. For that there is MDM Zinc.

Interestingly, people started to think about this drawback in AIR and started delivering some interesting applications. SHU is one of them, which packages the AIR runtime in an executable along with your application file. This gives you a great relief as you will be able to deliver applications on a CD/DVD and we dont need the AIR runtime installed on the client machine.

There is one interesting post in Mike Chamber’s tech blog about his proof of concept on how to launch native applications from AIR. He has written a CommandProxy and this Command Proxy will launch the AIR applications, and the AIR application in turn use the Command Proxy to execute OS specific functions, like launching of external files, launching of native applications, etc.


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Shu – alternative to mdm Zinc?

Posted by vipin on April 7, 2008

Check out shu .

Its a projector creator for Adobe Flash/Flex like MDM Zinc. Shu uses Adobe AIR runtime. It actually packages the AIR runtime along with the application files. Its definitely an alternative to Zinc, untill Adobe comes up with same kind of solution, where you don’t have any dependability to distribute your application. AIR application now needs the AIR runtime to be installed in user’s machine.

I was a fan of mdm Zinc, when I moved from Director. The kind of flexibility and commands provided by Zinc was amazing when you compare with Director. I was happy when I heard about Zinc 3.0 and the new technologies going in there. Zinc 3.0 is good, but MDM disappoints me by not having a solid product out to the market. Its still buggy and so unstable that we cannot use it in our project deliveries.

Shu says its solid (as MDM) but it should be true as the underlying engine is AIR. I am going to give a try to it, and probably I can write my experience.

But, Adobe should come up with something like this…

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